Urban Outfitters is having an awesome home sale right now. Tons of their home products are up to 40% off. If we weren’t in the middle of trying to buy a home, I would be all over some of these items. Here are a few things that have been sitting on my wishlist and are taking some serious restraint not to buy before we move.

Overall, it’s a pretty warm palette but these pieces are functional and straight up beautiful. I mean deep blue velvet with gold hardware, that is a dream.

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While planning our annual New Years trip up to the Bay Area I spent some time looking into some possible overnight day trips locations. Insert this stunning coastal home in Stinson Beach.

The modern upgrades and shape of the home are very Gold Coast-esque and I love that they kept the second story open with so many windows. It always saddens me when you drive by large beach homes with amazing views, but there’s more wall than window. I can’t imagine not wanting as much view as you can get.

The combination of the warm wood and dark steel isn’t as harsh as some modern remodels can look, and the much landscaping really sets the home apart.

The design by Audio Peek Ancona was said to have been inspired by “floating architecture of Venice”. Often you see or hear about these small coastal beach towns and the difficulty in maintaining these cottages by the sea. The constant moisture in the air along with wet weather and storms can wreak havoc on the simple materials many of these beach homes were built with. With that knowledge this home was designed to have a living space higher up and is able to withstand the side effects of low-laying lands.

To see more about this home and Studio Peek Ancona follow this link


Indah Hand Dyed Pillows

Indah Hand Dyed Pillows by EMILY ALDER

Sometimes I think I should have renamed this blog ‘things I did before twins”.

You know, the age-old I can’t remember what life was like before kids. Well this would be more along the lines of look at all the things I did before twins. And now I am trying to do them again.

With the twins are approaching their fourth birthday, I’ve been able to set a schedule and slowly get back to work on some of my hobbies. I am in the process of restoring one of my grandmother’s antique claw foot chairs and wanted to order some fabric samples. While perusing the web, I fell in love with this Hand Dyed Indah Batik X’s fabric.

This fabric along with the amazing new line from Justina Blakeney are just gorgeous and I got seriously excited to get my hands on all of it. I was gifted a Singer sewing machine a couple of years back and have planned to break it out and make some handmade holiday gifts. So with a dust off I pulled it out and tried to get back in my groove.

Once the fabric came I knew immediately I wanted to make a couple of pillows for our bed with it. I’ve been on the all white and linen with some indigo stage for a while now and even though I’m not breaking with color, this was definitely something I was excited to add.

Finding my rhythm with the sewing machine, pinning, and cutting fabric was COMICAL. I was all over the place and made a complete mess. I swear the kids were laughing at me like I was losing it. I had some serious bobbin issues, but with some patience and re-threading, I was able to get it together.

A standard pillow case is really one of the most basic patterns and was the perfect way to reintroduce myself. Here is a simple tutorial you can use.

The few additions I would recommend is taking advantage of are folding the raw edges and edge-stitching and at each beginning and end doing a small back-stitch.

Happy Sewing!