SALT at Shoal Bay

I stumbled across the SALT at Shoal Bay project via Instagram a while back and haven’t gotten it out of my system. A three residence property in Shoal Bay, Australia.

Purchased by a family who lived in the older 1970’s home until doing a full remodel years later. The property boasted beautiful Bay views, a great location, and serious potential.

Working with an architect they did a full remodel using the design to emphasize the bight airy space and simple design. The all white walls giving them the opportunity to embrace the abundance of natural light. Simple and natural elements throughout the spaces provide a laid back, but stylish environment.

Throughout the properties the open spaces help to create an atmosphere perfect for entertaining and enjoying your surroundings. I don’t think it gets better than those large windows and decks with bay views.

The best part about SALT, is that you can stay there. The residences are all places that are open for vacation visitors.

To see more of the properties, learn more about it, or heck plan a dream vacation there, you can follow this link. I’ll be dreaming up my own visit one day.

Photographs by Chris Warnes

January 2019

January 2019 Mood Board on EMILYALDER

January 2019 Inspo first appeared on EMILYALDER.COM

I’ve been looking forward to the fresh start that 2019 would bring. I’ve promised myself that with the changes happening this year I would dedicate more time to using this space as my outlet.

This time of year usually brings some blues for me. I wouldn’t consider myself a big Christmas person. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving. But I do get into the spirit and love showering the people I love with gifts. So once we have packed up all the decorations and found homes for the new toys and gifts, the reality sets in. Though I always look forward to the fresh start, saying goodbye to the past usually leaves me feeling a little empty. I am working to embrace that feeling this year, and instead of dwell I want to fill those pieces of me with some extra stuff. Nothing too big, but little projects. I am keeping my sewing machine out and working on a few big projects for the blog. Seeking out inspiration and motivation from my surroundings.

So this January Mood is dedicated to those blues that sometimes hold me hostage, but won’t get me down this year.

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2018 Recap

It’s hard to believe I am sitting down writing another New Year post. 2018 was a quick one. We were driving home from the Bay Area this past week and it gave me some time to sort through the moments and memories of this past year.

There was a lot of growth, both professionally and personally. The kids have all grown in ways that have let their personalities blossom. Our oldest entered middle school, an idea that terrified me as a mother, but has been a huge success for him socially and academically. The twins have grown into their relationship with more kindness and friendship, most of the time. Though it’s not always easy, the bond between the siblings is growing stronger as a whole and individually.

This year we road tripped up the California coast four or five times, you can see our adventures on my #ourfavoritecoast tag and my Instagram highlight. No matter how many times we drive the CA-1 and 101, it never gets old. We have already made one trip up the coast this year, a good sign of lots more trips to come.

We road tripped across country from Ohio to California. I have finally put together a post about that whole adventure, coming soon.

Matt and I launched our own Architecture and Design Studio, Alder James. We’ve had a couple of projects in the works as we gives ourselves a small start. Squeezing in meetings between bedtime routines and breakfast can be tough, but I know there is a lot of good to come.

Water sports could be the other theme of 2018. We got all the kids on boards this year, whether it was surfing, stand up paddling, or skimming. Thomas spent a full 6 weeks in Junior Lifeguards with the State Park, County Lifeguards (his dad’s old company!), and Laguna Beach City (the guards I grew up with). All three of them have learned so much from the sea and it’s gifts.

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Family Beach Photoshoot with Marielena Photography

Excited to be sharing a little family beach photoshoot magic with all of you today. We aren’t the family that plans Holiday photos. We aren’t even the family who regularly gets all 5 of us together in one photo. Not that I haven’t spent years pinning beautiful family photos. I just haven’t had prioritized an actual shoot.

I also prefer being behind the camera usually. Most of my Instagram posts are the world from my perspective, so you don’t see a whole lot of me. 

When our dear friend, Marielena Photography reached out to take some Holiday family photographs I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. Knowing how wonderful she is with kids put me at ease because my littles are not the type to stand still for any amount of time. I am sure many of you know exactly what I mean.

We knew we wanted to do a simple beach shoot, grabbing some of that golden hour magic. We were able to take the pictures down at West St. A place so special and full of memories for our family. Having these images of all of us at a place we hold so close is something I truly treasure.

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