At Home with Skylar Isle

At Home with Skylar Isle first appeared on EMILYALDER CO

For several years now I have been working to create a healthier home environment. Making small changes like using real foods, diffusing oils, and reading all labels. I know I am not alone in working towards a big wellness goal. I think the trend of reducing waste and harmful chemicals from our lives is not only an important movement, but the way to protect the future generations.

For as long as I can remember I have loved candles. My mother always had candles around the house, a habit that has passed on to me. I remember moving into my college dorm and loving that I could pick out my own candles. I would take a shower, light a candle, and do laundry. I was ALL about the glade fresh linen scent.

Little did I know how harmful those standard candles can be. The carcinogens and chemicals they would spread make me cringe. I am still a sucker for a fresh candle scent, I now just pay more attention to the candle ingredients. There are a plethora of small companies that create coconut and soy candles using essential oils.

I recently discovered Skylar Body‘s new line of candles. As a part of their new line they sent my one of their Isle candles. It smells clean and fresh, a bit like the ocean and those glade candles I used to love.

Hand crafted in LA these candles are free of parabens, sulfates and paraffin. Sustainably sourced using all natural, cruelty free ingredients. I loved their message of “inspired by women, consciously crafted with love. Now that’s magic”.

Beautifully made with recycled packaging this brands products have me coming back for more. For more go check out Skylar Body. If you use the code SKYLARHOME you can get 10% off your purchase.

Thank you to Skylar Body for partnering with us!


APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018 first appeared on EMILYALDER

As a person with green eyes I have spent most of my life with a strong aversion to the color. I would often see green clothing items or home goods and walk the other way.


As I have gotten older I have found it to be one of my favorite colors. I love the muted army green tones or the deep jeweled hues. I know that pantone might have made the color of the year purple but I’m all about green these days.

The idea of taking the color green and using the different shades to create a fresh and intimate palette was intriguing to me. I was originally inspired by the botanical trend. I put together some inspiring images and a couple of simple wallpapers while dreaming of a tropical vacation and a new wardrobe.

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If you have been following along here or on @emilyalder for a while you know how much I love capturing family moments and daily memories. I am terrible at bringing a real camera anywhere, but I am always whipping out my iPhone to snap pictures and videos. Many of which I don’t share socially, but snapshots in time I want to remember. Recently I was scrolling through the 1,400+ photos I have on my phone and realized I’m not really doing anything with all these memories, besides the occasional Instagram post. I usually get a couple printed each year as gifts, but other than that, they just sit on my phone or computer. It was a little shocking to think that all these moments were almost being discarded by me, the person who treasures them so much.

This past February we ventured on a cross-country road trip as a family. We were in Ohio packing up my mother in laws home and driving her car back. I knew that I wanted to do my best to document the trip and would want to share memories from each of the eight states we would be stopping in. Especially our time in  the Grand Canyon, Bandelier State Park, and Santa Fe, NM. These were all places I’ve visited, but Matt and the kids had never been. The trip was an adventure but on the of best vacations we have ever had. The kids loved stopping on random places along the I-40. We ended up seeing so much of our beautiful country. Being on the road with a destination each day we really had to live in the moment. Of course I had hundreds of pictures once we made our way home. I thought back to my previous realization that I wasn’t doing much with these beautiful images and was determined to change that. I had been in touch with Ali from Timeshel, and I knew this would be the perfect way to preserve the memories from our trip.

As someone who doesn’t lug a real camera around the ease of using something connected to my phone is really useful. Timeshel is a subscription and app that allows you to create a 30 picture collection and at the end of the month they send your beautiful prints to your door. Adding to the collection over a month brings a delayed gratification and sitting down with the family looking through them was so special! We even ordered a few to send to family and friends that we saw on our trip! The kids loved that these little snapshots could be theirs to keep, not just glance at on our phones or wall.

We can’t wait to put them all together in a scrapbook so we can remember each snap, memory, and moment. This is making me thirteen year old self squeal like a preteen.

To learn more about Timeshel you can follow along on their Instagram here.

Thank you to Timeshel for partnering with us on our first months subscription!




This beautiful one bedroom one bathroom retreat located off the Oaxaca Coast in Mexico is high on my to visit list. The home is a work of art, providing the basic necessities in a natural and elegant environment. A private pool, views for days, and a short walk to the ocean, this would be the perfect couple getaway (hint hint hubby).  Continue reading



We recently put an offer in on a little cottage in South Laguna. While it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and needed some work, we were excited at the prospect of buying something and put some real work into it. During that time I went in to over drive looking at ideas to make the space functional. It would have taken some work to get the home in the shape we needed and during that time all the kids share a bedroom layout that was large enough for two bedrooms, but had a crazy floor plan. I wanted to gather some ideas that would work for us if our offer went through.

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