I want to start by thanking all of you for your entries in our Pieces&Chloe x EMILY ALDER Giveaway. It was so much fun to connect with all of you and spread the word about Pieces&Chloe. Congratulations to the wonderful Dena for winning. I can’t wait to see your custom piece!

This weekend was packed and a bit hectic with Matt getting hit with a nasty cold. We made the most of it though. Did you see Friday’s goods? I will share more on those soon!

Saturday was filled with baseball. Tom’s team, Tuvalu (shout out to our sponsor!), advanced into the finals after a great game. Matt stayed back with the twins while they napped which gave me the opportunity to work in the snack bar and then sit in the stands and watch without running after the twins. They arrived just in time to see us finish with a win. We ended up being there for almost 5 hours, needless to say we wore the kids out. After the game Tom and I spent some time skateboarding together before coming in and making chicken tortilla soup. If you aren’t following on snapchat yet add us to follow behind the scenes (username: emilyrolfing).

Sunday Tom got to go to Big Air with a friend while Matt and I spent time cleaning out the garage. I was able to fill the entire of Matt’s trunk with donations. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

After Tom returned we headed to West Street for some beach time before Sunday evening with grandparents. Once the kids were asleep Matt and I settled in for Game of Thrones. For those who watch, I was sobbing by the end. George RR and the Davids can be so cruel. I won’t say more because, spoilers.

Again, thank you Di for partnering with us and all of you for your entires! I can’t wait to bring in another giveaway.



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