a fairly well known fact about me… I am a major fan of cheese and charcuterie. I mean who isn’t #amiright? Almost every time we have people over I use it as an excuse to stock up and serve a cheese plate. I even have a board dedicated to cheese. If thats not true love I don’t know what is.

Okay, that might have gone a bit far, you catch my drift though.

I try to always have a selection on hand in case I feel like snacking through dinner or having some friends swing by. A few types of meat, cheese, fruit, and a baguette and you’re good to go.

We recently had some friends in town and I threw together a simple plate of cheeses & meats.

A SIMPLE CHEESEBOARD ON EMILY ALDER | put together an easy cheese board for last minute guests. these are my favorites |

a wedge of President Brie, Columbus sliced Calabrese Salami, Sliced figs*, crumbled Bleu d’Auvergne Roquefort, Savannah Bee Co Honey for Cheese, Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda, Columbus sliced dry Coppa, and a sliced french baguette, toasted to give it some crunch and warmth.

With the exception of the Cheese Honey, you can find all these items near the deli section of your local market. I can’t tell you how delicious Savannah Bee Co Honey for Cheese is. It goes with each of the cheeses on the plate. It’s definitely something to have in the pantry.

*figs are seasonal so you can always replace with a bunch of grapes or crisp apple. i also like to cut up some figs and top with crumbled Roquefort and honey and pop in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes.

Don’t forget the wine as well. That would be a travesty. This is one of my favorite bottles. Don’t forget my invitation either 😉


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