SALT at Shoal Bay

I stumbled across the SALT at Shoal Bay project via Instagram a while back and haven’t gotten it out of my system. A three residence property in Shoal Bay, Australia.

Purchased by a family who lived in the older 1970’s home until doing a full remodel years later. The property boasted beautiful Bay views, a great location, and serious potential.

Working with an architect they did a full remodel using the design to emphasize the bight airy space and simple design. The all white walls giving them the opportunity to embrace the abundance of natural light. Simple and natural elements throughout the spaces provide a laid back, but stylish environment.

Throughout the properties the open spaces help to create an atmosphere perfect for entertaining and enjoying your surroundings. I don’t think it gets better than those large windows and decks with bay views.

The best part about SALT, is that you can stay there. The residences are all places that are open for vacation visitors.

To see more of the properties, learn more about it, or heck plan a dream vacation there, you can follow this link. I’ll be dreaming up my own visit one day.

Photographs by Chris Warnes