We continued our yearly tradition of road tripping up the coast for Spring Break last month. This is the third year all five of us have packed into the car and spent the hours driving up to San Francisco. Matt and I have both family and friends in the Bay making it important/priority trip for us.

We can’t get enough of the California coast. It is a magical drive and we are so grateful to be able to hop on the CA-1 and enjoy its beauty.






channeling future pro-surfer vibes




This year we headed out Wednesday around noon and headed straight to Solvang. I planned a fun dinner for us at Succulent Cafe. While also making sure we pop into the local market to get cheese tubes.

SIDE TANGENT – Ever since spending a summer in Sweden, I developed a major craving to their Kavli cheese spread on crispbread. I mean I am willing to make sure we visit a town three hours from us so I can hopefully scoop up a couple of tubes. Crazy? Maybe. Worth it? Heck yes! Unfortunately, Kavli is difficult to get in the states so not only has it been a while since I’ve enjoyed some, but the shop was having trouble with the distributor so they didn’t have any. Seriously, so crushing. – SIDE TANGENT OVER


these boys <3




Back to dinner, Succulent Cafe is an adorable American (new) restaurant on the main street in Solvang. A darling patio with blankets and a killer industrial vibe interior. We dined on bacon roasted brussel sprouts, cheese and charcuterie board handpicked by their chef, Matt had meatloaf and the kids enjoyed biscuits and gravy with fried chicken. Talk about hitting the spot. If you’re in that area, I definitely suggest popping in.

After dinner we headed to our hotel in Morro Bay. We had talked about trying to get up with the kids and surf in the morning, but that ended up being too much to squeeze in. We got up early and headed to Morro Rock to check the surfers and marine life. On our way out of town stopping at Tom’s favorite, Kelli’s candy shop and I snagged some of their famous brisket jerky.






Back on the road we stopped and saw the Elephant Seals, walked to Pfeiffer Falls, and enjoyed a picnic in the woods. One of the great things about this year’s trip was the twins are now old enough to enjoy the car ride, walk without needing too much help, and want to adventure. It was our first REALLY successful trip that they were able to enjoy as much as we were. We didn’t even bring a stroller. Which for us is huge.





Poor Henry is rarely in photos, he just doesn’t have time for them. He is always on the go.

One awesome tip I learned on this years trip was organizing the car to make my and the kids time in the car more enjoyable. This year I packed up a basket (similar to this) and created an entertainment bag. It had the kids favorite books, crayons, coloring books, pretend ipads, headphones, small hand toys, Tom’s ipad + headphone splitter. Parked in the spot below Henry’s feet, all the things the kids would need were right there. I could easily help them get their entertainment picks while also staying organized. I also scooped up three of these Smart Planet collapsible Bento Boxes and packed their road snacks ahead of time. This limited the mess they made with their food, while allowing them to get healthy homemade snacks. It has totally changed road tripping for us. I even make their lunches and throw them in there on days I know we will be sitting in the school pick up line for a while.

More on this trip soon + you can always see more on our insta’s here + here


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