I’ve spent a lot of time searching Etsy for jewelry styles. I wasn’t sure that I would ever find something totally in-tune with my style—until I stumbled upon Di’s Etsy shop Pieces&Chloe. Her designs are simple, beautiful, stylish, and really freaking cute. I’m always getting comments on them! Using a mixture of metals and macrame, Di’s dainty bracelets are perfect by themselves for a simple statement or for layering.


I’ve had my bracelets (SHYLY + BIG BER) for about a year now, and just made another purchase. Not only am I still in love with each piece, but they are durable enough to keep up with my lifestyle. On a regular day I’m running from the beach to little league baseball, washing dishes, and gardening. I try to be conscious of how much abuse I put my bracelets through, but often times they come along for the ride. And through it all, they are still in great shape. I never want to take them off because I love the way they add style to my wardrobe.


A bit about the work that goes into creating each piece:

“Each bracelet is carefully hand-woven by me using high-quality, color-fast 100% Egyptian cotton cord, gold-filled, sterling silver, rose gold filled, and/or permanent-finish galvanized glass. All materials are lead-free and colorfast. And since all items are handcrafted, no two pieces are exactly alike.”





Now for the really good stuff.  Because I love them, I want to spread the word about Pieces&Chloe.  Lucky for you, we have teamed up to give away one free custom bracelet. For your chance to win, simply enter our giveaway below.  And make sure to favorite Pieces&Chloe on Etsy to keep up with all of her beautiful work. Spread the word to earn more chances to win.
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Image courtesy of EMILY ALDER


Are you ready? Today’s home feature is crazy beautiful. Even better than the 2001 feature film and my teen self LOVED that one. On a serious note, this home is a work of art.

Located on the West Coast of South Africa, the design boasts an open floor plan with clean minimalism while embracing the natural elements of the Cape. Combining my two favorite materials, stark whites with warm woods. The open space connecting the dining area, kitchen, and living space allows for family time and easy entertaining.






beachfront-in-south-africa-on-emilyalder-6-outdoorI mean. All that white and doors opening to the sea. What a dream. I love that with all the openings you can see straight through the home, almost as if it is and invitation to both the home and the sea.

For more information and pictures check out Bureaux Home + Lifestyle feature Blue Lagoon.

Photos by Warren Heath for Bureaux




Having spent a fair amount of time in Northern California, I have a small knowledge of all it’s incredible spots. Yet, each time we visit I am reminded not just how much there is to see, but how much it varies. It’s impossible to see it all. At least in one trip. Knowing that we have planned to take it piece by piece. Every visit we will try to see and do something new.








On the top of the to-do list this year was to take Thomas to see Half Moon Bay. More specifically Mavericks. Tom has thrust into the surf world this year. I think we’ve watched Step Into Liquid a good thirty times this year. The soundtrack is on constant repeat. Learning the difference between surfers, their style, water temperatures and waves, and locations has opened curiosity in Thomas that we want to embrace. So seeing the big wave surf it the Bay was something we were all looking forward to doing.






Some brief concern over rain didn’t stop us from piling in the car and jumping over the hill. It was almost surreal exiting the freeway with clouds looming over and breaking through to the coastal area where the sun was shining bright. We started downtown having lunch at the most wonderful sandwich shop. The Deli at The San Benito House is like a treasure chest, it just gets better. You start at the fun Irish inspired bar and learn that right next door is a nook of a sandwich shop. A line out the door gave a hint we were in the right spot. While Matt ordered the rest of us went to find a table discovering the beautiful backyard. Plentiful patio seating led to another patio and a lawn for the kids to roam. In the corner a fountain and swing added to the magic of the yard. Of course, our sandwiches were delicious and the kids were able to run and play. If you are ever around HMB I highly recommend a stop at The San Benito House.




Following lunch we made our way to the beach. Since the sun had come out the influx of weekenders was apparent. We parked in a small lot at the end of W Point Ave and began our hike up to Pillar Point. Easily accessible trails lead you to a spot overlooking Ross Cove. The winds had picked up so we opted to enjoy the view for a bit rather than make a hike down to the water. We had hoped the weather would bring some of the needed force to create big waves at Mavericks, but the wind wasn’t quite strong enough. Still the location was a beautiful sight. Return trips were planned.