Let me introduce you to Kate Zimmerman Turpin’s beautifully design Hunt House in Texas.

Images of this rustic historically inspired home have been making the rounds lately, and with good reason. This rustic, European and Spanish inspired home is absolutely stunning. From open shelving and built-ins to simple forms in the architecture, the whole space is a dream.

When design stays true to it’s natural surrounding I am always left feeling so inspired and fulfilled. In a time where home design can seem so cookie cutter, it’s amazing to see homes built from the outside in.

This entire home is full of references to historical styles and combining with the exterior landscape.

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We had a quick weekend away in Pioneer Town for a family friend’s wedding this past Spring. We had booked a beautiful ranch for the evening for all our group including our family, my parents, along with my sister and her husband. I have only spent a limited amount of time in Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, but it’s always been on our to visit list. Oddly enough while planning for the weekend I had this thought in the back of my mind of a friend whose girlfriend had purchased property out there and I had been watching their journey through social media. So it wasn’t until the night before we were planning to head up there that it hit me that we were staying at their house. It was quite the coincidence. Driving up to their beautiful ranch to see her happily working on the landscaping while their pup ran around was so heartwarming.

They have done a beautiful job putting together this vacation rental. Supplied with all the items you might need, plus games and activities, and a beautifully designed interior. We all had a blast playing Oregon Trail in the living room, horseshoe in the yard, and hiking on the property. 

Walking distance to Pioneertown and a short drive to Yucca Valley, we all left with an eagerness to return. If you’re looking to visit the area, I highly recommend Old Heard Ranch. You can get in touch with Holly and see more about the listing here.



I recently stumbled upon Zara’s home sale and was impressed with some of the items they have to offer. I had checked out their tableware and linens before, but didn’t realize it went much further than that. I put together a couple of picks I’ve added to my wishlist, not that I need any need for more home decor. 

I especially love those pillows and unique stoneware bowl. Definitely worth working into a clean coastal home design.

Curtains | Mirror |Textured Pillow | Pillow| Book End | Stoneware Bowl|Lantern | Rug | Pouf | Basket

At Home with Skylar Isle

At Home with Skylar Isle first appeared on EMILYALDER CO

For several years now I have been working to create a healthier home environment. Making small changes like using real foods, diffusing oils, and reading all labels. I know I am not alone in working towards a big wellness goal. I think the trend of reducing waste and harmful chemicals from our lives is not only an important movement, but the way to protect the future generations.

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APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018 first appeared on EMILYALDER

As a person with green eyes I have spent most of my life with a strong aversion to the color. I would often see green clothing items or home goods and walk the other way.


As I have gotten older I have found it to be one of my favorite colors. I love the muted army green tones or the deep jeweled hues. I know that pantone might have made the color of the year purple but I’m all about green these days.

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