January 2019

January 2019 Inspo first appeared on EMILYALDER.COM

I’ve been looking forward to the fresh start that 2019 would bring. I’ve promised myself that with the changes happening this year I would dedicate more time to using this space as my outlet.

This time of year usually brings some blues for me. I wouldn’t consider myself a big Christmas person. My favorite holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving. But I do get into the spirit and love showering the people I love with gifts. So once we have packed up all the decorations and found homes for the new toys and gifts, the reality sets in. Though I always look forward to the fresh start, saying goodbye to the past usually leaves me feeling a little empty. I am working to embrace that feeling this year, and instead of dwell I want to fill those pieces of me with some extra stuff. Nothing too big, but little projects. I am keeping my sewing machine out and working on a few big projects for the blog. Seeking out inspiration and motivation from my surroundings.

So this January Mood is dedicated to those blues that sometimes hold me hostage, but won’t get me down this year.

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Taking the colors and shapes of the sea, along with tbells to symbolize the new year, and an image of a bright and happy outlook to inspire me. I put together a January phone background and desktop wallpaper.

Clink on the links below to download your own.

January 2019 Desktop Wallpaper

January 2019 Phone Wallpaper XL

January 2019 Phone Wallpaper L

January 2019 Phone Wallpaper M

January 2019 Phone Wallpaper S

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