We recently put an offer in on a little cottage in South Laguna. While it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and needed some work, we were excited at the prospect of buying something and put some real work into it. During that time I went in to over drive looking at ideas to make the space functional. It would have taken some work to get the home in the shape we needed and during that time all the kids share a bedroom layout that was large enough for two bedrooms, but had a crazy floor plan. I wanted to gather some ideas that would work for us if our offer went through.

While pursuing and collecting ideas for a room where all three kids would share for a period of time. I found this beautiful interior designed by Crowell & Co. Bright and airy and all that white, gives the home the perfect canvas to incorporate beautiful finishes.

These beds are what hooked me from the beginning. I loved the way they intertwine. Bedtime with all three can be hectic, especially, in the same space. But it makes for lasting memories and a closeness that I really appreciate.

Of course, the exterior is just as thoughtful as the inside. Nights on that bench swing on the porch and afternoons watching the kids jump in the pool, what a beautiful design.

To read and see more by Crowell & Co. follow this link

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