A few discoveries for the weekend. . .


For years now we have only had four matching dining chairs (these) which is pretty ridiculous because when we sit down for dinner the chance that there are more than four of us is about ninety-nine percent. With my cousin living with us and my parents up the street, it’s rare to have just us sitting around the dining table. I have kept my eye out for a set of chairs to put at the heads of the table, but haven’t quite found the right ones. I thought about going for a fabric covered (like these) but after stumbling across these sun washed teak chairs from Terrain, I think I might have found our new additions. I love the fact that they are teak and can be used indoors or outdoors since come Spring, many of our meals will be moved to the patio. I also love the simplicity of these concrete candles. Plus they are steal! I scooped up a few for our entry table.

This Herbivore rosewater spray is my new favorite thing. Ever. I have extremely sensitive skin and lately I have been trying some new all natural products to help keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Not only do I love Herbivore’s branding, but this product has made me a believer. I mist my face after getting out of the shower and my skin instantly feels soft and ready to brave the day.

Finally this Briney Sea Salt brand has become a staple in my kitchen. This past Mother’s Day my sister gifted me a sampler set of salts from this cute shop around the corner from where she lives. Their Santa Salt or Pink Peppercorn is seriously amazing. I put it on all of my meats and it gives the best flavor. They also have some other delicious and silly named sugars and salts that I highly recommend.

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