It’s hard to believe it is already Friday. Do I say that every week? Apologies for any repetitiveness over here.

We spent a lot of last weekend and this week doing some Spring cleaning. I finally got to my office area in the garage, though I still have quite a few things I need to sort out. I’m stuck with having too many little storage containers that seem to clutter the space, so I’m problem solving.

In the meantime, I am helping a friend with her bathroom remodel (I mentioned this last week) and after some decision making we are getting ready to move forward. The image above is a mood board for my Monterey Bathroom Project.  It’s a small “South Laguna” bathroom so it needs some serious space saving ideas. I’ve been pinning quite a few things, you can see some favorites here.

As for things around the inter-webs, this Animal Cracker Ice Cream has me yelling. . . OMG. That is a dangerous but probably insanely delicious recipe to have going into the weekend. This beautiful wall hanging DIY is tempting. Come back next week for a recap of our SF road trip, an archive update and hopefully some more super rad stuff.

Happy Weekend!

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