While planning our annual New Years trip up to the Bay Area I spent some time looking into some possible overnight day trips locations. Insert this stunning coastal home in Stinson Beach.

The modern upgrades and shape of the home are very Gold Coast-esque and I love that they kept the second story open with so many windows. It always saddens me when you drive by large beach homes with amazing views, but there’s more wall than window. I can’t imagine not wanting as much view as you can get.

The combination of the warm wood and dark steel isn’t as harsh as some modern remodels can look, and the much landscaping really sets the home apart.

The design by Audio Peek Ancona was said to have been inspired by “floating architecture of Venice”. Often you see or hear about these small coastal beach towns and the difficulty in maintaining these cottages by the sea. The constant moisture in the air along with wet weather and storms can wreak havoc on the simple materials many of these beach homes were built with. With that knowledge this home was designed to have a living space higher up and is able to withstand the side effects of low-laying lands.

To see more about this home and Studio Peek Ancona follow this link


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