Having spent a fair amount of time in Northern California, I have a small knowledge of all it’s incredible spots. Yet, each time we visit I am reminded not just how much there is to see, but how much it varies. It’s impossible to see it all. At least in one trip. Knowing that we have planned to take it piece by piece. Every visit we will try to see and do something new.



We continued our yearly tradition of road tripping up the coast for Spring Break last month. This is the third year all five of us have packed into the car and spent the hours driving up to San Francisco. Matt and I have both family and friends in the Bay making it important/priority trip for us.

We can’t get enough of the California coast. It is a magical drive and we are so grateful to be able to hop on the CA-1 and enjoy its beauty.

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For the twins birthday this year, we planned for their gifts to be items that would give them some of their own space and encourage imaginary play. As much as I love being able to be home with them, it’s heavenly when they spend moments playing with just one another. We had looked at purchasing a play tent for them (this was at the top of our list) but looking at the price tag we thought it was something that we could easily make ourselves. The A-Frame tent has been a staple for many years, so why not give it a go ourselves.

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I’ll chalk this week up to another round of chaos. We all got hit with a cold in the middle of potty training. So I am completely ready for a new week. Although we have baseball Oye.

One thing that really brightened my week besides the bachelor + these snuggles, was this. My amazing, wonderful, talented friends, Friends of Lola, have released two new songs and a music video. I am head over heels for their new stuff. I may be biased, but they are so good. SO GOOD.

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SAVORY CHEESE BOARD on EMILY ALDER | making a last minute cheese + charcuterie board with what you have on hand |

Did you watch the finale of the Bachelor? I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I don’t know if it should admit that, but I’m gonna keep it real. Knowing a small amount of what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show, it’s basically people watching from your couch and that is GOLDEN. That might make me sound horrible, but it’s true. Plus, these people are signing up to be on a tv show, they must have some idea of what’s to come. So Monday nights Matt and I get the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, and usually snack through our weekday guilty pleasure. This past season, my girlfriend Amelia joined us and occasionally I can coax Phil into watching too.

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It’s hard to believe our twins are already two. I have been eagerly watching them grow and hit developmental milestones, yet the graduation from baby to toddler is paired with feelings of sadness and worry. My babies are grown and it’s happening fast. Just as it did with Thomas. Days spent with him lying on my chest are still my favorite moments and now I am listening to him practice his violin and reciting math facts resembling a teenager. Soon our Ella and Henry will start preschool, finish potty training, and enter the big kid world. Am I ready for that? Are we ready for that? Maybe.


Welcome 2016

Finding the words to welcome this new year has not come easily. I am not sure I was ready for twenty sixteen. Twenty fifteen sort of sailed by.  We had a busy end of the year from October events, to Thanksgiving and my high school reunion, to cookie baking weekends and Christmas celebrations. It was a whirlwind and I just never felt caught up.

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER

We began the new year with a walk to West Street Beach. Thomas was excited to try out his new wetsuit.  The brave boy was the only one in the water at the entire beach. The rest of us searched for sea glass and shells, played in the tide pools, and watched Thomas catch the waves.

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I’m so glad it’s October

The anticipation of October’s beginning holds a great deal of nostalgia for me. It’s all excitement and anticipation. Fall sweeps in with a light breeze, there is just a hint of chill in the air and dusk brings some of the most majestic sunsets of the year. Each night the sky is lit on fire while the last warmth of summer fades into the seasons. And the oceans blue is a touch deeper and even more soulful. Truly October has magic in it.

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Before We Go

This was the last week before the start of school and I swear it flew by while at the same time lasting forever. But most weeks do when heading into three-day weekend. Not to mention highly anticipating having my husband around for an extra day to help with the kids. I am hoping we will get around to starting the design for a new deck and the kids backyard fort. Throw in a day at the beach with friends and a last summer BBQ before our Thomas starts THIRD grade.

Third grade. I can’t believe I’m a mom of a third grader. We got teacher assignments yesterday and two of Thomas’ best friends are in his class so I’d say we are off to a good start.

In the meantime, here are a few things that caught my eye this week

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