Family Beach Photoshoot with Marielena Photography

Excited to be sharing a little family beach photoshoot magic with all of you today. We aren’t the family that plans Holiday photos. We aren’t even the family who regularly gets all 5 of us together in one photo. Not that I haven’t spent years pinning beautiful family photos. I just haven’t had prioritized an actual shoot.

I also prefer being behind the camera usually. Most of my Instagram posts are the world from my perspective, so you don’t see a whole lot of me. 

When our dear friend, Marielena Photography reached out to take some Holiday family photographs I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. Knowing how wonderful she is with kids put me at ease because my littles are not the type to stand still for any amount of time. I am sure many of you know exactly what I mean.

We knew we wanted to do a simple beach shoot, grabbing some of that golden hour magic. We were able to take the pictures down at West St. A place so special and full of memories for our family. Having these images of all of us at a place we hold so close is something I truly treasure.

I had talked with the kids before going down about keeping close and trying to be good listeners. Keeping in mind that they would be in their element at the beach want to play. They are kids and need that freedom. So we got about 5 minutes in before Henry took off down the beach. Even though that meant most of the shoot was going to be us moving about, Mari was able to capture all of our fun in some candid shots.

You guys, my heart is exploding. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have this image. It’s one I will cherish forever.

Our beach trips are never complete without searching for sea glass. 

I just cannot tell you how lovely these images are. I love that they are such a true representation of us all. We roam, we wander, we are rarely still, but we are always happiest together. Thank you Mari for the beauty you created in capturing our family. 

Head to Marielena Photography to see more of her beautiful work!




Having spent a fair amount of time in Northern California, I have a small knowledge of all it’s incredible spots. Yet, each time we visit I am reminded not just how much there is to see, but how much it varies. It’s impossible to see it all. At least in one trip. Knowing that we have planned to take it piece by piece. Every visit we will try to see and do something new.


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We continued our yearly tradition of road tripping up the coast for Spring Break last month. This is the third year all five of us have packed into the car and spent the hours driving up to San Francisco. Matt and I have both family and friends in the Bay making it important/priority trip for us.

We can’t get enough of the California coast. It is a magical drive and we are so grateful to be able to hop on the CA-1 and enjoy its beauty.


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For the twins birthday this year, we planned for their gifts to be items that would give them some of their own space and encourage imaginary play. As much as I love being able to be home with them, it’s heavenly when they spend moments playing with just one another. We had looked at purchasing a play tent for them (this was at the top of our list) but looking at the price tag we thought it was something that we could easily make ourselves. The A-Frame tent has been a staple for many years, so why not give it a go ourselves.

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJEC- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

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