You might have noticed a small change around here. It seems this space of mine is on a constant ebb and flow. While there is always inspiration and ideas behind this brand, I have often found myself struggling to make my thoughts a reality.


I miss this outlet when I am unable to create. Yet when I am able, the abundance of ideas can be overwhelming. As our family makes some big changes, I am determined to give this space more love. The creating and following that has come with this brand is so very near to my heart and not giving it my all has weighed on me. I don’t want that to hold me back. I want to try to give it a bit more of me.


So it begins with a small change. For a more in depth explanation of EMILY ALDER you can read my about page or send a little hello and we can chat. For now, ALDER is a name that connects my past and inspires my future. One day I hope to share the whole story here. For now, it’s the start of something new.



I’ve begun taking on small projects and look forward to growing my portfolio and helping others with their brand identities, home designs and more. Please feel free to look through my portfolio or contact me with any questions you might have.



As always, thank you for being on this journey with me.


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It’s hard to believe it is already Friday. Do I say that every week? Apologies for any repetitiveness over here.

We spent a lot of last weekend and this week doing some Spring cleaning. I finally got to my office area in the garage, though I still have quite a few things I need to sort out. I’m stuck with having too many little storage containers that seem to clutter the space, so I’m problem solving.

In the meantime, I am helping a friend with her bathroom remodel (I mentioned this last week) and after some decision making we are getting ready to move forward. The image above is a mood board for my Monterey Bathroom Project.  It’s a small “South Laguna” bathroom so it needs some serious space saving ideas. I’ve been pinning quite a few things, you can see some favorites here.

As for things around the inter-webs, this Animal Cracker Ice Cream has me yelling. . . OMG. That is a dangerous but probably insanely delicious recipe to have going into the weekend. This beautiful wall hanging DIY is tempting. Come back next week for a recap of our SF road trip, an archive update and hopefully some more super rad stuff.

Happy Weekend!

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It’s been quiet around here, I know. *slightly defeated shoulder shrug*

We got hit with a nasty cold a couple of weeks back. Did you experience it? It was spreading like wildfire and made everyone miserable. We recovered just before Spring Break, phew. Traveling long distances with the twins has been tough, as it often can be with young ones, and our littles definitely didn’t make it easy for us. BUT, I think we are over the hump. We went on our annual spring break road trip up the California coast to the Bay. This years trip was a huge success! We even left the stroller at home, which is huge for us. Matt and I were pinching ourselves at the ease of the entire trip considering how much we did. It was a total whirlwind. I plan to share all the details next week but if you want a sneak peek you can see some of our adventure here and here.

I’ve got a few projects that I am itching to share and a super cool giveaway! I just need to get a few more things together until I can share everything with you.

In the meantime, I am in full force re-designing our living room and a friends bathroom remodel. Both projects are heavily inspired by where we live, the beach. I’ve been looking for tons of inspiration and unique products. A favorite spot to hit up is One Kings Lane. Not only do they have a plethora of items, but some seriously amazing finds. Here are a few coastal inspired things I am hoping to incorporate in our home.


Sigh, that color palette. Is it summer yet? 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8