Last Spring Matt and I jumped on the Whole 30 bandwagon in an effort to reset our bodies, digestive system, and begin some better family routines. It was a really great experience, but can difficult to do as a family of five. While we enjoyed our experience, it’s not something we practice continually. However, the process gave us motivation to pay more attention to what ingredients are in the products we have in our household. I’ve always prided myself on buying as healthy and organic as I can. I TRY to cook homemade well-balanced meals at least 3-4 times a week. Yet, the when going through the rules and ideas behind Whole 30, I realized I wasn’t shopping simple. As in, simple ingredient lists. We have found some amazing recipes that have become staples and we work hard to keep our products as clean as we can.

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Although we are almost through the last of October, SoCal has been hit with a serious heat wave. Living is a little cottage by the sea has all kinds of benefits but one downside is we are lacking AC. So once I pick up the kids from school, get the twins down for their nap and help Thomas with his homework, dinner time hits and I’m overheating. As a result Matt and I have had a few ‘lazy nights’. We get the kids fed and don’t feel up to cooking a meal so I’ll pull a couple of simple ingredients that we have in the fridge and graze.

I’ve mentioned my love of cheese and charcuterie before

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Pappardelle Beef Ragu | EMILY ALDER

Is there anything better than slowly cooking a delicious stew or soup in a dutch oven. The smell of vegetables, meat, and wine simmering fills wrapping your home in a cozy blanket. With fall arriving and the temperatures dropping in the evenings I am giddy as I break out my heartier recipes.

Scrolling through Instagram I stumbled upon a delicious looking bowl of Ragu via The Modern Proper. Check it out, seriously, is your mouth watering? Mine is. So an evening making Ragu went straight to the top of my to do list.

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I was given the opportunity to collaborate with West Elm and Whole Foods Market to raise donations and awareness with the Whole Planet Foundation. West Elm and Whole Foods are donating $1 to Whole Planet for each time someone shares their #westelmxwfm tag on Instagram. This campaign, using the New Denim Project and Party Hosting ideas, provided a few recipes perfect for a Fall get together. From sparkling cider to an Onion, Bacon, and Butternut Squash Tart, it was hard to decide what I wanted to make.


I opted for the Clementine Crush Sparkling cocktail paired with Ham and Roasted Pear Crostini. Making a few adjustments with the recipes to suit our tastes, the cocktail and appetizer worked well together. I don’t use pears in my recipes often, so I enjoyed seeing the difference in flavor with the addition of citrus and then roasting them.

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SAVORY CHEESE BOARD on EMILY ALDER | making a last minute cheese + charcuterie board with what you have on hand | www.EMILYALDER.com

Did you watch the finale of the Bachelor? I can’t tell you how much I enjoy watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I don’t know if it should admit that, but I’m gonna keep it real. Knowing a small amount of what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show, it’s basically people watching from your couch and that is GOLDEN. That might make me sound horrible, but it’s true. Plus, these people are signing up to be on a tv show, they must have some idea of what’s to come. So Monday nights Matt and I get the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine, and usually snack through our weekday guilty pleasure. This past season, my girlfriend Amelia joined us and occasionally I can coax Phil into watching too.

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Raspberry & Greek Yogurt Drops

Feeding our twins has been a full-time job since the day they were born. From nursing to bite size food to just the pure quantity necessary, I often feel as soon as I have their meal prepared and walk away, it’s gone and they are ready for more or throwing it on the floor.

As a result, I am always on the hunt for healthy and simple snacks that won’t end up on the ground. This being especially important when we are on the go. I am helping to coach Tom’s soccer team so anything that will keep the twins occupied during that time is crucial. Goldfish, fruit juice gummies, string cheese, tangerines are my standard snacks. But needing to change it up to keep the kids interested I found this recipe via Babble. Yogurt and raspberries, genius.

Mixing it up a bit, knowing what my kids will eat, I added a little bit of honey and lightly combined the berries with the yogurt rather than mashing them up.

Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Drops with Honey EMILY ALDER



two & a half cups organic greek yogurt

two cups raspberries, rinsed

2 tablespoons honey (ours is  purple sage from a local farm in Julian, CA)

Parchment Paper



Combine honey and yogurt in a bowl

Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Drops with Honey EMILY ALDER\

drop a few berries into the bowl and softly mix with yogurt and honey.

Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Drops with Honey EMILY ALDER

Working in batches coat the raspberries and drop them on to a cookie sheet or plate covered with parchment paper. Pop them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they are frozen you can transfer them to a freezer safe container. I put them in out snapware so I can grab a container and go.


grandmas pan, look at that metal beauty. I think it might be older than me.

Raspberry and Greek Yogurt Drops with Honey EMILY ALDER

The yogurt melts in your mouth and the berries give a great last bite. Great with blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and blackberries.

Do you have any fun snack recipes? Send them my way. I am always on the hunt.



Our new Frigidaire stove came supplied with a fifth burner and cast iron griddle. Which means making pancakes in the morning are a breeze. We usually have a more casual breakfast on Saturday as we get ready to spend the day at the beach, soccer, or out and about. On Sundays we take more time and usually have a more complete breakfast. In an effort to eat more healthy and organic, I’ve been using raw and organic products. Toting that coconut oil and raw sugar can be replaced with normal oil and sugar at a 1:1 ratio I thought I would try my normal pancake recipe with different ingredients. I have to say, I liked it more than my original. Continue reading


a fairly well known fact about me… I am a major fan of cheese and charcuterie. I mean who isn’t #amiright? Almost every time we have people over I use it as an excuse to stock up and serve a cheese plate. I even have a board dedicated to cheese. If thats not true love I don’t know what is.

Okay, that might have gone a bit far, you catch my drift though.

I try to always have a selection on hand in case I feel like snacking through dinner or having some friends swing by. A few types of meat, cheese, fruit, and a baguette and you’re good to go.

We recently had some friends in town and I threw together a simple plate of cheeses & meats.

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