APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018 first appeared on EMILYALDER

As a person with green eyes I have spent most of my life with a strong aversion to the color. I would often see green clothing items or home goods and walk the other way.


As I have gotten older I have found it to be one of my favorite colors. I love the muted army green tones or the deep jeweled hues. I know that pantone might have made the color of the year purple but I’m all about green these days.

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November 2017 Mood Board

It’s hard to believe how rapidly we are approaching the Holidays. Our plans for this season have changed a bit and we will be traveling for Thanksgiving. In years past my mother and I host together with a beautiful group of family and friends. This year will be a bit different but I look forward to being in Ohio and experiencing some real Fall weather. Along with some quality time with my husband’s side of the family.

Although I won’t be hosting this year, you can see some ideas from the previous year here. I am hoping to put together another inspiration to share with you.

This mood is inspired by slow mornings and the crisp of fall.

A November Mood Board inspired by slow mornings and a crisp Fall. Squeezing every little bit out of 2017.

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October is hands down my favorite month of the year. It represents family milestones, a season change, and the magic that is Halloween. I’ve talked before about what this month means to me. But no matter each year that passes and I add a number to my age I will never feel too old to soak up every bit of Halloween. Some people think of Christmas in July, I’m thinking of October.

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I’m so glad it’s October

The anticipation of October’s beginning holds a great deal of nostalgia for me. It’s all excitement and anticipation. Fall sweeps in with a light breeze, there is just a hint of chill in the air and dusk brings some of the most majestic sunsets of the year. Each night the sky is lit on fire while the last warmth of summer fades into the seasons. And the oceans blue is a touch deeper and even more soulful. Truly October has magic in it.

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This past Christmas my family surprised me with my long coveted Hazy Beach Art Print by Lisa Golightly. I was blown away unwrapping the large mysterious gift that morning, as you can imagine. The feeling of receiving something unexpected is both unique and exciting, but also emotional. I was taken aback and ended up getting teary. The thoughtfulness and surprise caught me off guard. I am so grateful that they took note of something I really wanted and presented me with something that I could cherish forever.

We immediately mounted the print in our dining room and since then I have been dreaming of creating a collection surrounded by our own images.




When I began studying interior design my first project was to work with a friend or family member to recreate a room design for them. Immediately I knew I wanted to work with my mom. For years we have talked about what we could do with my parent’s amazing 1930’s South Laguna cottage. I jumped at the opportunity to grab my mom and chat about her vision, gather inspiration, and start piecing things together.

The house they own, the homey beach cottage I was lucky enough to grow up in, is a small three-bedroom, one-bath cottage built in 1937 featuring hardwood floors, white walls, and lots of windows. It’s also full of family heirloom pieces that are treasured by all of us. I wanted to mix their antique farmhouse pieces with a fresh coastal California style.

I sat down and started working with some images my mom collected for inspiration.