Are you ready? Today’s home feature is crazy beautiful. Even better than the 2001 feature film and my teen self LOVED that one. On a serious note, this home is a work of art.

Located on the West Coast of South Africa, the design boasts an open floor plan with clean minimalism while embracing the natural elements of the Cape. Combining my two favorite materials, stark whites with warm woods. The open space connecting the dining area, kitchen, and living space allows for family time and easy entertaining.






beachfront-in-south-africa-on-emilyalder-6-outdoorI mean. All that white and doors opening to the sea. What a dream. I love that with all the openings you can see straight through the home, almost as if it is and invitation to both the home and the sea.

For more information and pictures check out Bureaux Home + Lifestyle feature Blue Lagoon.

Photos by Warren Heath for Bureaux

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