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For several years now I have been working to create a healthier home environment. Making small changes like using real foods, diffusing oils, and reading all labels. I know I am not alone in working towards a big wellness goal. I think the trend of reducing waste and harmful chemicals from our lives is not only an important movement, but the way to protect the future generations.

For as long as I can remember I have loved candles. My mother always had candles around the house, a habit that has passed on to me. I remember moving into my college dorm and loving that I could pick out my own candles. I would take a shower, light a candle, and do laundry. I was ALL about the glade fresh linen scent.

Little did I know how harmful those standard candles can be. The carcinogens and chemicals they would spread make me cringe. I am still a sucker for a fresh candle scent, I now just pay more attention to the candle ingredients. There are a plethora of small companies that create coconut and soy candles using essential oils.

I recently discovered Skylar Body‘s new line of candles. As a part of their new line they sent my one of their Isle candles. It smells clean and fresh, a bit like the ocean and those glade candles I used to love.

Hand crafted in LA these candles are free of parabens, sulfates and paraffin. Sustainably sourced using all natural, cruelty free ingredients. I loved their message of “inspired by women, consciously crafted with love. Now that’s magic”.

Beautifully made with recycled packaging this brands products have me coming back for more. For more go check out Skylar Body. If you use the code SKYLARHOME you can get 10% off your purchase.

Thank you to Skylar Body for partnering with us!

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