For the twins birthday this year, we planned for their gifts to be items that would give them some of their own space and encourage imaginary play. As much as I love being able to be home with them, it’s heavenly when they spend moments playing with just one another. We had looked at purchasing a play tent for them (this was at the top of our list) but looking at the price tag we thought it was something that we could easily make ourselves. The A-Frame tent has been a staple for many years, so why not give it a go ourselves.

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJEC- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

Matt drew up some plans, we made a trip to Home Depot and we were all set. The construction was relatively simple, the main difficulty being the angles needed to be cut. We knew we wanted the tent to fold easily for storage purposes, while also giving them ample space to play. We had seen a few tutorials for tents, but they all felt too small. A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

I am so thrilled with the way the tent turned out. It’s spacious and totally functional. I can pull it out for them in a minute. It’s lightweight, but sturdy and the kids won’t be able to destroy it. Yes, my sweet little kids LOVE to destroy things.

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

I went to Ikea (+ Maewoven Lumbar) and picked up a few of their standard pillows and pillow cases to put around the bottom to make it extra comfortable.

A HUGE shout out to my mother-in-law for sewing the tent cover. We used a linen fabric like this giving the tent enough shade to keep in private, while completely breathable so during the summer it won’t get too warm. The front and back openings can be tied back or together to enclose the inside.

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

Following these instructions I am providing a downloadable design sheet for you to use. Feel free to print and use at home.

The frame supplies:

4 – 1 x 2 select pine board (8 ft)

3 – 3/4″ wood dowels (48 in)

6 – 3″ decorative brass furniture screws

2 – 1 1/2″ brass flat corner braces (packaged with screws)

1 – can Varathane Weathered Grey wood stain

Paint Brush

Paint Rags

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJECT- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

I started by staining all the wood. Simply paint on the stain, wait a few minutes and wipe off with lint free rags.

After drying overnight, Matt cut the wood to size.

Once the wood is cut assemble the tent with the decorative screws, dowels, and corner braces. The corner braces are important because they stop the tent from over-extending and collapsing.

Believe it or not, all five of us have piled in there for some quality reading time. Or really, a few minutes of reading that ends in giggle fits or elbows pushing into ribs.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me hello@emilyalder.com






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