At Home with Skylar Isle

At Home with Skylar Isle first appeared on EMILYALDER CO

For several years now I have been working to create a healthier home environment. Making small changes like using real foods, diffusing oils, and reading all labels. I know I am not alone in working towards a big wellness goal. I think the trend of reducing waste and harmful chemicals from our lives is not only an important movement, but the way to protect the future generations.

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APRIL 2018

APRIL 2018 first appeared on EMILYALDER

As a person with green eyes I have spent most of my life with a strong aversion to the color. I would often see green clothing items or home goods and walk the other way.


As I have gotten older I have found it to be one of my favorite colors. I love the muted army green tones or the deep jeweled hues. I know that pantone might have made the color of the year purple but I’m all about green these days.

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If you have been following along here or on @emilyalder for a while you know how much I love capturing family moments and daily memories. I am terrible at bringing a real camera anywhere, but I am always whipping out my iPhone to snap pictures and videos. Many of which I don’t share socially, but snapshots in time I want to remember. Recently I was scrolling through the 1,400+ photos I have on my phone and realized I’m not really doing anything with all these memories, besides the occasional Instagram post. I usually get a couple printed each year as gifts, but other than that, they just sit on my phone or computer. It was a little shocking to think that all these moments were almost being discarded by me, the person who treasures them so much.

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