2018 Recap

It’s hard to believe I am sitting down writing another New Year post. 2018 was a quick one. We were driving home from the Bay Area this past week and it gave me some time to sort through the moments and memories of this past year.

There was a lot of growth, both professionally and personally. The kids have all grown in ways that have let their personalities blossom. Our oldest entered middle school, an idea that terrified me as a mother, but has been a huge success for him socially and academically. The twins have grown into their relationship with more kindness and friendship, most of the time. Though it’s not always easy, the bond between the siblings is growing stronger as a whole and individually.

This year we road tripped up the California coast four or five times, you can see our adventures on my #ourfavoritecoast tag and my Instagram highlight. No matter how many times we drive the CA-1 and 101, it never gets old. We have already made one trip up the coast this year, a good sign of lots more trips to come.

We road tripped across country from Ohio to California. I have finally put together a post about that whole adventure, coming soon.

Matt and I launched our own Architecture and Design Studio, Alder James. We’ve had a couple of projects in the works as we gives ourselves a small start. Squeezing in meetings between bedtime routines and breakfast can be tough, but I know there is a lot of good to come.

Water sports could be the other theme of 2018. We got all the kids on boards this year, whether it was surfing, stand up paddling, or skimming. Thomas spent a full 6 weeks in Junior Lifeguards with the State Park, County Lifeguards (his dad’s old company!), and Laguna Beach City (the guards I grew up with). All three of them have learned so much from the sea and it’s gifts.

Overall this past year seems as if it was a work in progress and leaves me hopeful and grateful as we begin 2019.

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 Thanks for following along. Wishing you the very best in this New Year.