Indah Hand Dyed Pillows

Indah Hand Dyed Pillows by EMILY ALDER

Sometimes I think I should have renamed this blog ‘things I did before twins”.

You know, the age-old I can’t remember what life was like before kids. Well this would be more along the lines of look at all the things I did before twins. And now I am trying to do them again.

With the twins are approaching their fourth birthday, I’ve been able to set a schedule and slowly get back to work on some of my hobbies. I am in the process of restoring one of my grandmother’s antique claw foot chairs and wanted to order some fabric samples. While perusing the web, I fell in love with this Hand Dyed Indah Batik X’s fabric.

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We are an avid Amazon Wishlist family, and while I love being able to pick out items our family wants and needs, I really love spending time on friends. Gifting with my gals, aka ‘hosts”, is one of my favorite gift giving plans because it reminds me of a relationship I have cultivated. I love the idea of gifting back to these ladies who give me so much each year. These are just a few of the items I’ve had my eye on and stay tuned for another perfect host gift to come!

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One of my go-to gifts for my husband and father is a nice bottle of Irish Whiskey or Scotch. It’s something that I know they enjoy and something that can bring us all together around the table or in the hot tub.

While I love the idea of a simple go to gift, it’s nice to liven things up a bit so I recently put together a DIY Bar Kits that was a little more personalized. A nice Irish Whiskey (Tullamore Dew is Matts favorite), a flavored soda or syrup, ice mold, muddler, metal straws, and some fresh fruit to garnish it off.

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November 2017 Mood Board

It’s hard to believe how rapidly we are approaching the Holidays. Our plans for this season have changed a bit and we will be traveling for Thanksgiving. In years past my mother and I host together with a beautiful group of family and friends. This year will be a bit different but I look forward to being in Ohio and experiencing some real Fall weather. Along with some quality time with my husband’s side of the family.

Although I won’t be hosting this year, you can see some ideas from the previous year here. I am hoping to put together another inspiration to share with you.

This mood is inspired by slow mornings and the crisp of fall.

A November Mood Board inspired by slow mornings and a crisp Fall. Squeezing every little bit out of 2017.

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Although we are almost through the last of October, SoCal has been hit with a serious heat wave. Living is a little cottage by the sea has all kinds of benefits but one downside is we are lacking AC. So once I pick up the kids from school, get the twins down for their nap and help Thomas with his homework, dinner time hits and I’m overheating. As a result Matt and I have had a few ‘lazy nights’. We get the kids fed and don’t feel up to cooking a meal so I’ll pull a couple of simple ingredients that we have in the fridge and graze.

I’ve mentioned my love of cheese and charcuterie before

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