Growing up my mother rarely wore make up. Being a P.E. teacher and coach it wasn’t something she would regularly wear. Plus, she has beautiful skin and is naturally beautiful, so that helps. As a result, I never had anyone who really introduced┬áme to makeup. I had a few friends that were allowed to wear it and in junior high I was granted permission to try it. I think I started with black eyeliner and sparkles. Basically my face had rookie mistake all over it. So I ditched it. I would wear some powdered foundation, or MAC studio (screams 90’s right?) or BB cream and occasionally toss in some blush and mascara.┬áBut I was an athlete and still never really knew what I was doing. So I really never took the time to educate myself or see what worked for me.

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For the twins birthday this year, we planned for their gifts to be items that would give them some of their own space and encourage imaginary play. As much as I love being able to be home with them, it’s heavenly when they spend moments playing with just one another. We had looked at purchasing a play tent for them (this was at the top of our list) but looking at the price tag we thought it was something that we could easily make ourselves. The A-Frame tent has been a staple for many years, so why not give it a go ourselves.

A-FRAME-TENT-PROJEC- by-EMILY ALDER-|-build-your-own-kids-play-tent

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