A few discoveries for the weekend. . .


For years now we have only had four matching dining chairs (these) which is pretty ridiculous because when we sit down for dinner the chance that there are more than four of us is about ninety-nine percent. With my cousin living with us and my parents up the street, it’s rare to have just us sitting around the dining table. I have kept my eye out for a set of chairs to put at the heads of the table, but haven’t quite found the right ones. I thought about going for a fabric covered (like these) but after stumbling across these sun washed teak chairs from Terrain, I think I might have found our new additions. I love the fact that they are teak and can be used indoors or outdoors since come Spring, many of our meals will be moved to the patio. I also love the simplicity of these concrete candles. Plus they are steal! I scooped up a few for our entry table.

This Herbivore rosewater spray is my new favorite thing. Ever. I have extremely sensitive skin and lately I have been trying some new all natural products to help keep my skin moisturized and healthy. Not only do I love Herbivore’s branding, but this product has made me a believer. I mist my face after getting out of the shower and my skin instantly feels soft and ready to brave the day.

Finally this Briney Sea Salt brand has become a staple in my kitchen. This past Mother’s Day my sister gifted me a sampler set of salts from this cute shop around the corner from where she lives. Their Santa Salt or Pink Peppercorn is seriously amazing. I put it on all of my meats and it gives the best flavor. They also have some other delicious and silly named sugars and salts that I highly recommend.

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I’m getting around to this as January ends. Imagine that. But you have to start somewhere right?


My house is a bit of a mess and, as usual, there is laundry to fold. Oh geez don’t even get me started on the garage. The list goes on and on. And that is okay, because eventually it will all get done. I am learning to live with the daily chaos that comes with three children. And with that I have made a promise to myself that each day as the twins go down for their nap I will take some time for me. I take a shower, get dressed, pour a cup of coffee and sit down to work. I have had a list of projects that I am slowly getting around to.



On the topic of lists. I swear I might be a list master. Grocery list, weekend to do list, house chores list, gift list. These lists are usually floating all over the work desk, my purse, and car. For whatever reason, writing down ideas or items not only helps me to remember what I need, but organizes my thoughts. While Matt can simply log a few notes into an app on his phone, I crave the old-fashioned movements of sitting down with a pen and paper. It’s a ritual, one of the first things I do when I sit down at my desk is look at my planned and lists.


I look forward to checking off items on my lists more and more. We have some finished projects that I can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime here is something that I have been using to motivate myself to get thing done.



Pencils are Rifle Paper Co. find them HERE

Welcome 2016

Finding the words to welcome this new year has not come easily. I am not sure I was ready for twenty sixteen. Twenty fifteen sort of sailed by.  We had a busy end of the year from October events, to Thanksgiving and my high school reunion, to cookie baking weekends and Christmas celebrations. It was a whirlwind and I just never felt caught up.

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER

We began the new year with a walk to West Street Beach. Thomas was excited to try out his new wetsuit.  The brave boy was the only one in the water at the entire beach. The rest of us searched for sea glass and shells, played in the tide pools, and watched Thomas catch the waves.

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER-5

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER

With the twins turning two, I am excited to be more mobile this year and spend more time getting out and about.They are at the age now where getting around without carriers or a stroller is…well…possible, at least. On top of that I hope to start working more. I’m focusing on a list of goals and getting it all done–something I didn’t quite do last year.

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER-3

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER-11

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER-9

Being down at West centers us. It reminds us why we are so grounded here, why we became a family, and most of all how lucky we are to have one another. I look forward to a twenty sixteen full of love, adventure, and getting stuff done.

Welcome 2016 Beach Photos EMILY ALDER-4

That boy, I swear, he’s everything.