Fall Style Capsule

After a few weeks of record breaking temperatures in Laguna, it is finally starting to cool off. Which means, hopefully, I will be able to pull out some of my winter styles. My summer uniform consisted of jean shorts and tank tops or sleeveless swing dresses. And let me tell you, they need a break.

Through fall it usually stays pretty warm around here. So it’s not always realistic to wear a top under a sweater and a leather jacket or wool coat over a sweater. But hey, a girl can dream right?

Until recently, you wouldn’t be able to find a piece of black clothing in my closet (besides workout gear). I, for some reason, thought I was “too fair” to get away with it, it “washed me out”. Not anymore. Recently, I have tried to change my outlook on dressing myself and my personal style. Keeping with trends, but finding a style that fits me and I am always comfortable in. With everything I have going on, I don’t want to spend tons of time looking at my closet deciding what I want to wear. I want to be able to throw on something and feel good in it. After reading about a woman who transformed her style through a capsule wardrobe, I was intrigued and slowly started the process of constructing my own.

A capsule wardrobe is defined as

“a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear.” Caroline of Unfancy

Creating a closet full of clothes you love and can wear all the time, genius. I realized, while a few colorful pieces are fun to incorporate, when I would go to get dressed, I chose the simple styles and neutral colors nine times out of ten. I now know, I need a base. A set of standard items that I can build upon. I am still navigating this process and my closet is still too full. But I look forward to continuing to find my own style and my own identity, and sharing it with you.

Here are a few looks that I hope to draw inspiration from


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I’m so glad it’s October

The anticipation of October’s beginning holds a great deal of nostalgia for me. It’s all excitement and anticipation. Fall sweeps in with a light breeze, there is just a hint of chill in the air and dusk brings some of the most majestic sunsets of the year. Each night the sky is lit on fire while the last warmth of summer fades into the seasons. And the oceans blue is a touch deeper and even more soulful. Truly October has magic in it.

I'm So Glad October Desktop Wallpaper EMILY-ALDER

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BAY to LA: Victoria Smith’s New Echo Park Pad

I have followed Victora Smtih’s SFGirlByBay site for about 5 years now. She is a constant source of inspiration, entertainment, and sharing awesome designs from illustrations to home styling. Known for her fresh, bohemian taste, I have been highly anticipating the pictures of her new LA home. She shared sneak peeks via instagram and has finally featured the whole home, photographed by Laure Joilet. Here are a few of my favorite details and for the full spread you can go here.

SF to LA: Victoria Smith's New Echo Park Pad on EMILY ALDER

SF to LA: Victoria Smith's New Echo Park Pad on EMILY ALDER

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This past Christmas my family surprised me with my long coveted Hazy Beach Art Print by Lisa Golightly. I was blown away unwrapping the large mysterious gift that morning, as you can imagine. The feeling of receiving something unexpected is both unique and exciting, but also emotional. I was taken aback and ended up getting teary. The thoughtfulness and surprise caught me off guard. I am so grateful that they took note of something I really wanted and presented me with something that I could cherish forever.

We immediately mounted the print in our dining room and since then I have been dreaming of creating a collection surrounded by our own images.



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When I began studying interior design my first project was to work with a friend or family member to recreate a room design for them. Immediately I knew I wanted to work with my mom. For years we have talked about what we could do with my parent’s amazing 1930’s South Laguna cottage. I jumped at the opportunity to grab my mom and chat about her vision, gather inspiration, and start piecing things together.

The house they own, the homey beach cottage I was lucky enough to grow up in, is a small three-bedroom, one-bath cottage built in 1937 featuring hardwood floors, white walls, and lots of windows. It’s also full of family heirloom pieces that are treasured by all of us. I wanted to mix their antique farmhouse pieces with a fresh coastal California style.

I sat down and started working with some images my mom collected for inspiration.


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